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Day Programming Services

A Day Program is a program for adults with disabilities (18+) that gives them meaningful and fun activities to do throughout the week. Sisu Adult Growth's Day Program offers a mixture of leisure activities, volunteer experiences, and more all within the client's community. We partner with local businesses and organizations to help provide these opportunities. Our program is also 100% community based, meaning we do not have a facility. Sisu relies on our community partners to have safe wonderful places for our groups to meet. 

The logistics:

  • Days & Time of Operation: Mon - Fri 9am - 3pm

  • Clients are placed in groups of 3 with 1 staff member

  • Clients are picked up and dropped off by their group's staff member

See if our Day Program is a good fit for you by filling out the pre-application HERE

Job Development

Job Development is a service where we help clients find employment. Sisu Adult Growth believes in finding employment for clients that is within their interest level first, then their capabilities, location, and accommodations needed. Everyone has a right to enjoy their job.


We also specialize in Job Carving. Job carving is a process where the employer helps carve out specific responsibilities for the client within their capabilities to perform as their job duties.


If you are interested in this service please fill out the pre-application  HERE 

Job Coaching Services

Job Coaching is a service where we help clients learn and maintain the needed skills to be successful in their current jobs. Sisu Adult Growth trains their job coaches to help clients become as independent as possible in their jobs and provide the least restrictive prompts to help the client be successful. 

If you are interested in this service please fill out the pre-application  HERE 

One-on-one Skills Training Services

Our skills training services are where we come into the home (or other needed location) and teach skills that help the client be more independent in a given area of their life. 

Examples of skills to be trained on are

  • cooking/kitchen safety

  • getting dressed independently

  • going through a morning/nightly routine independently

  • certain chores to help the household

  • using more advocacy at home or in the community

  • using the bus system

  • grocery shopping/meal planning

  • academic skills

  • and so much more

  • The skills are limitless. It really is based on what you and the client are looking for. We create a goal together that is individualized to fit the client and come up with a plan on how to implement strategies that will serve best for the client.

If interested in these services, please click the link  HERE  to fill out an application. 


Respite is designed to give the primary caregiver of the client a "break" from caregiving. We give short term-time care for adults with disabilities. Sisu ensures the safety and well being of the client while creating a fun and engaging relationship with them. 

If you are interested in this service, please call our office at 435-200-5443 for more information. 

Supported Living with Natural Supports

Supported Living with Natural Supports (SLN) is defined as one-on-one hourly support, supervision, training. and assistance to children and adults who live with their parents or other relatives.

SLN may include personal care services, homemaker, chore attendant care, advocacy, communication, assistance with activities of daily living and instrumental activities of daily living, transportation to access community activities and shopping, keeping track of money and bills and using the telephone; and indirect services such as socialization, self-help and adaptive/compensatory skills development necessary to reside successfully in the community.

*This service is very similar to the "One-on-one Skills Training Services", but SLN is typically used for those who have DSPD Funding, where the Skills Training is used for privately funded clients. 

If you are interested in this services please call our office at 435-200-5443. 

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