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So you're interested in joining Sisu?

Well great! We'd love to have you.

Here at Sisu, we look for individuals who have the proper mind set when it comes to disability. We believe that individuals with disabilities deserve to understand their immense worth and should be empowered to reach their potential. Below is our manifesto, and if you resonate with what is written go ahead and look at the job opportunities that are currently available.


  • Here at Sisu we believe in genuine human connection. Being able to empathize with clients, families, and coworkers, is key. When we can empathize with clients, it can help figure out the needed supports for them to reach their fullest potential and help them become empowered. When empathizing with our coworkers/team, we create an environment that is safe and honest. Sisu wants to make sure that employee’s needs are met as well as our clients’.

  • We speak up. Our team believes that individuals with disabilities should be given supports to advocate for themselves, and in the case they are unable to advocate, we become loyal and respectful representatives for them. Our staff are trained on how to interact with the public when the occasion arises.

  • Continual Learning. Sisu ensures all staff are kept up to date on trainings needed to successfully aid our clients. We understand that each client is an individual and has specific needs. Our staff are ready and willing to learn what is needed to meet the client’s needs.

  • Community Oriented. Sisu believes in and understands the importance of community. Ensuring individuals with disabilities access their community in meaningful ways helps them become empowered and helps the community be more accepting to diversity.

  • We believe in happy employees. We know that happy employees mean happy clients. We support our employee’s mental health, physical health, and self-development. Sisu believes in taking time for yourself, so please click HERE to see our vacation & days off policy. We also provide a company retreat the last week of July. This retreat is time for self-development, team-development, and to thank you (our employees) for all the hard work you do to make Sisu the amazing organization it is. 

Job Opportunities

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